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The Key To The Trapdoor (LP​/​digital, 2021)

by The Lovedays

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Ahhh! Hear the sound of the streets go by In a symphony in a minor key Hear the sound of the church bell chime As it’s closing time on the production line Ahhh! Ahhh! Lalalalalalalala lalalalalalalala Ahhh! Ahhh! See her dance til the sun goes down On the golden sands of this one horse town Where the moon paints the melody And the canvas here is the lonely sea Ahhh! Call me up and let me be your broken dream Call me up and let me be your broken dream Your broken dream Hear the sound of the streets go by In a symphony in a minor key Hear the sound of the church bell chime As it’s closing time on the production line Ahhh! Ahhh! Lalalalalalalala lalalalalalalala Ahhh!
Stop! 02:56
Stop! Wait another minute now Stop! Think you better know somehow There’s always time to see this through Stop! Though you cried a thousand tears Stop! You gotta wash away your fears I’ll always have the time for me and you Stop! Left me standing at your door Stop! Well, I ain’t gonna stand no more It’s time for you to let me in Stop! You think you got your reasons why Stop! Well I ain’t gonna let this lie Some day you have to let this love begin It’s hard when you know That you’re not letting go That voice in your ear That reminds you I’m here Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
I bent the rules, I told some lies I hid the truth behind my eyes I heard the whispers, they all said There wasn’t room inside my head I was alone when the lights went out I should’ve known that you would have your doubts Did I wait too long or did it just come out wrong? I’ll stay at home when the music plays Has something changed or is this just a phase? Won’t you let me know the right time to let go There’s no use creeping up behind Even out front I’m colour blind Just let your conscience be your guide I’m not the right kind to confide CHORUS It’s been too long, for heavens sake For you to give back what you take CHORUS
Lions 03:18
George Henry stands on the spot Where he kissed the girl, and lost the plot And ponders his mortality And what it cost to set him free Poor Sandra lying awake Trying to find some peace, for goodness sake Leans over, picks up a drink from the nightstand, tries hard not to think That it’s always been the same No one here recalling your name Are we playing the same game? Or have the Lions grown too angry to tame? Oh, Martha, what can I say That you need to hear to make you stay? I can’t promises stars every day Cos’ the moon is still too far away Please David, hold out your hand I just have to know you understand These were the choices I made Now I’m all alone and so afraid CHORUS Can you hear me? Can you see me? Say the answers, no more second chances CHORUS
Well, I’m seated at the station With my suitcase in my hand A complimentary book of matches That came from ‘The Promised Land’ Every person I’ve acquainted Has since become a passer by With their own set of directions for the nearest place to hide Lend me your eye pencil And I’ll draw you what I see I bet it’s not the same as what you see in front of me Close your eyes, start counting backwards Then maybe you’ll forget Why we came here in the first place We’ll pretend we never met Round and round the circle Where it’s stops, nobody knows It could be a ticking time bomb Or the emperors new clothes I wish I could pick for you But, I can’t be your head So I’ll stand here on your shoulders Selling prophecies instead If you just tell me you’re sorry Then I’ll let you come back home Cos’ I know you’ve learnt your lesson And no one should be alone Sometimes it’s hard to separate The rainbow from the rain But I’ll be here when you get back now And we can start again Peeling off the layers Still I can’t escape this skin If you can’t see your own reflection Looking back, then don’t look in I wish it was as simple now As filling in a form But, you know as well as I That staying in won’t stop the storm Now I’m back here at the station My suitcase is empty now I’ve used up all its solutions And I’ve returned to take a bow So, I’ll now stand here before you Just displayed in black and white You can dissect all of my memory Throw away what you don’t like
Blinded by the light Taken by surprise for much too long now Let me make it clear I don’t want to sound too insincere Tainted by your plight I won’t stand and fight to make you stronger So, get me out here I’m not the antidote to all you fear Is this just something we learned to doubt? No answers, just swings and roundabouts Well, I’m the Gypsy’s Daughter And I rode in from Gibraltar I’ll be looking for the cracks around your smile Take a seat here while your waiting I know these things can be frustrating Let’s decide which part of you we’ll put on trial I’ve been out of sync Realized you’re the chink within my chain now Let me take the strain Never conceiving that I might complain BRIDGE CHORUS Here’s your stake in my hearts’ One last big mistake CHORUS
Pray stand, take my hand I’ll walk you ‘cross the desert To another land I got three kinds of way to smile If you wait here for a second You can choose your style My finger’s on the button Got two hands on the knife I repeat, you are surrounded It’s your money or your life Don’t lie, I know your eyes There’s nothing you can tell me that can cause surprise So, don’t shout, I’ll hear you out There’s a hundred different things for you to cry about CHORUS I’ve got one last shot Can’t help if every penny Doesn’t fit the slot Oh, my god, the final slog Place your bets and put your money on the underdog CHORUS
Take down in the centre of town On another cold Saturday night Bullhorns crackle on til dawn Think ya better find someone to fight I want what I came for Can’t leave it all up to chance Can’t show you I know you Pick your feet up and dance Outbreak, everyone’s on the take Always someone knows what you wanna know Here’s your stake, let them all eat cake Let me know which way the winds gonna blow BRIDGE The key to the trapdoor was left out on the kitchen floor The gate to the great hall Was seen here in my crystal ball The punchline to this joke Was in the words we never spoke The answer that we guard Lies deep within the house of cards Halftime on the bartering line The ballots in, and not looking good I’m fine holding for a sign I didn’t really think I’d be understood BRIDGE CHORUS
I see you, same time every day You always seem to look my way Your wear the same red sweater Blue jeans, with patches on your knees I try to think of what to say To coax you in and maybe stay But my mind draws a zero Don’t hold out for no hero here This I fear There’s just one way round when you’re stuck on the ground If you can’t get up Then you can’t get down If you don’t get lost then you won’t be found Pound for pound I talk to you inside my dreams Where what I say means what I mean My thoughts flow like a river I can’t control this quivering from within CHORUS My eyes stray, when I look back you’ve walked away, away CHORUS x 2
I give you and inch So, you take a mile You leave me alone To walk a crooked style You stand on my hands Expecting me to smile You give ‘em a wink And leave them hypnotized Just show me some soul So I can empathize But you complain when your name’s not written in the sky Turn away, twist the knife Hardly my design for life You will find that you are Right back where you started This is not for the fainthearted Go! You feed them The same sad history That you think will proclaim That you’re a mystery But you dropped so many stitches In your tapestry CHORUS I just have to say I never liked you anyway So, go hang your pictures On somebody else’s wall Cos’ there’s only room for truth here And your truth is very small
Well, we’ve reached red letter day And the time has come to pay No excuses left to play Blind eyes won’t make them go away We can’t run away no more From the rats at our front door It don’t take two eyes to see Something’s happening to me No longer do I seem to flee From responsibility Take the money from my hand And just leave me where I stand I’ve got to say Close the door behind you Leave my light on It’s not okay Take a look at where it all went so wrong I’m on my way Watch me drop So our windows come and gone Why did our love take so long? I thought we’d go on and on It don’t feel right to be wrong You can’t sail away with me Cos’ you left me on the beach BRIDGE Get your things together Cos we never said forever Never thought we’d make it So you’re gonna have to break it Shoulda known in time That you’d go and change your mind BRIDGE CHORUS When you gonna see that it wasn’t just a dream?
Sunshine 04:18
Sunshine, Do you sometimes feel my pain Falling like rain? Some tears take years Then they still abstain Oh, what a shame You push, I pull Who plays whose fool? It can’t be named When will you stop bending the rules? Whose right? Whose wrong? This lasts too long Whose placing blame By holding red flags for the bull? Moonlight Last night heard me cry in vain Please let me explain Notebooks catch looks You cannot detain It’s always the same BRIDGE When will you all hear my song? This is taking far too long All my heroes dead or blown away Tell me who turned out the light Who decides what’s wrong and right Will we live to fight another day? Your eyes won’t lie They just turn away There’s nothing to say God saves, we’ll slave Til our dying day Skies are still grey BRIDGE CHORUS


Webpage (Beat Root Revival): beatrootrevival.com
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3tAatYcGfxMsfbheyPrOIo
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCrhvPOcAEhtNopfnZIl7z5g
Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=753091290
Wikipedia (Ben Jones): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Jones_(musician)
Twitter: twitter.com/thelovedays
Bandcamp: lovedays.208records.co.uk
Discogs: discogs.com/artist/1630939-The-Lovedays


released February 19, 2021

(p) 2010 The Lovedays (c) 2020 Green Cookie Records


Back in the heady days of 2007, long before social media was the reigning king of entertainment, when people still picked going out to live shows over streaming movies, there was a band that made a little blip on the heart monitor of the Medway music scene before disappearing almost as quick.
The Lovedays were a British pop band, in the retro meaning of the word "Pop". With influences ranging from Brian Wilson and The Who, to Steve Winwood and Roy Wood, The Lovedays aspired to be part of the next generation of classic pop purveyors.
Their eponymous debut received 5-star notices as far afield as the US, with only self-distribution and promotion, along with noted appearances at The Cavern Club in Liverpool and Kennys Castaways in New York in 2009.
They took hiatus in 2010, for pastures new. Ben Jones, the frontman and leader of the band, moved to Austin, TX, where he is part of the roots duo, Beat Root Revival.


Feted but doomed to niche appeal during their original lifetime, Kentish quartet The Lovedays wowed audiences on both sides of The Atlantic and released two albums of brash but thoughtful ’60s-informed guitar-pop before expiring.
Clearly their legacy proved inspirational enough for Greek label Green Cookie to gather six tracks from each album for this new collection, which, even a dozen years down the line, paints The Lovedays as keepers of a flickering Britpop flame while simultaneously betraying their Medway heritage.
‘The Sound Of The Streets’ revisits Cosmic Rough Riders’ spaced-out indie jangle to the tune of ‘So You Wanna Be A Rock ’n’ Roll Star’; ‘The Gypsy’s Daughter’ could be The Coral should they ever decide to have a Del Amitri phase; ‘Pound For Pound’ echoes El Goodo’s Spector homages.
It’s all heart-warming stuff, and never quite submerged beneath its influences. --- Andy Morten, Shindig! #82 (March 2021)

THE LOVEDAYS ALBUM (CD release November 2008, 208 Records)

England past and times yet to come are all evoked from listening to The Lovedays, a four piece combo from Kent. Make no mistake, the quality contained within these 14 tracks places this set of songs into the upper echelons of great first LPs. The Lovedays wear their influences well: The Fab 4, Small Faces and Ray Davies to name but 3 are all in the boys' debt but as with all the best artists they take, yet give so much more, creating their own unique sound in the process. And in front-man Ben Jones they have a songwriter of the first order with the priceless ability to weave magic with words and music.

HOUSE OF CARDS (CD release February 2010, 208 Records)

Highly prolific British pop genius Ben Jones has already four full-length records under his belt: two solo recordings and two albums with his band, The Lovedays. 'House of Cards' is The Lovedays' second record and it is full to the brim with powerpop gems.


All songs written, arranged and produced by Ben Jones.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK.
Assistant Engineers: Rory Alderson, Brendan Esmonde.
Photography by Phil Dillon.


all rights reserved



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